Inros Lackner hilft e. V.
Rosa-Luxemburg-Strasse 16
18055 Rostock
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Legal form

Registered at the Rostock District Court in the register of associations under the number 10672
Tax number: 079 / 141 / 20661
with notice of exemption dated 13.11.2020
recognised as non-profit by the Rostock tax office.

Represented by the honorary Board

Torsten Retzlaff (Chairperson)
Dr. Klaus Richter (Deputy Chairperson)
Ingo Aschmann (Treasurer)

Media contact person

Responsible for content in accordance with § 55 Section 2 of RStV (“Rundfunkstaatsvertrag”, German interstate broadcasting agreement):

Andrea Schmidt-Schwonbeck


JAC Systeme GmbH (, based on ECMS eZ Publish.

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