Computers for Sierra Leone

Working together with the non-profit Forikolo e. V., Inros Lackner hilft e. V. has provided computers to help improve school education in Sierra Leone.

As part of a road construction project in western Sierra Leone, between the village of Bo and the Liberian border, schools were renovated in several villages along the route.

Digital education in Africa is, like in Europe and elsewhere, extremely important for the professional future of today's students. However, basic computer equipment is lacking in most rural schools in the region.

In cooperation with Forikolo (, Inros Lackner has provided around 60 PCs for schools that are otherwise supported by Forikolo. Although the computers are not new, they are equipped with up-to-date processors, flat screens and the Windows 10 Professional operating system. They are being distributed by Forikolo in a targeted way to maximise their benefits to the schoolchildren.

In addition, a solar system financed by Inros Lackner hilft is being installed to supply the electricity needed by the computers.

As well as promoting digital education in a general way, this project by Inros Lackner hilft e. V. enables students to gain an additional qualification and increases the attractiveness of the schools in this rural part of Sierra Leone.